HR Management

This is easy to set-up Nidhi Company therefore, large no. of nidhi companies came in to market. But, more than 90 percent nidhi companies has been failing just because of lack of proper HR management. To check it, Ozg subsidiary offers complete HR management solutions exclusively designed for NBFC.


Salary Management 
Develop Compensation / Benefits Program, Write Job Descriptions, Conduct Salary Surveys

Employee Relations Management
Facilitate Employee Opinion Survey, Investigate Harassment Complaints, Respond to Human Rights Complaints

Training & Development
Develop and Deliver Training Programs for Employees and Management

HR Interface & Cloud Technology
Automate HR Processes, Develop HR Interface, Research and Recommend Appropriate HRIS System Management

Training & Counseling
Various Employment Issues


Staffing Management
Interview Candidates, Advise on Discipline and Termination Issues, Prepare for Reductions-in-Force

Strategic Planning
Conduct Staffing Analysis and Needs Assessment, Develop Organizational Charts, Set-Up an HR Department, Documentation of Standard Operating Procedures, Job Audits, Job Descriptions

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